Askews and Holts Library Services

Supplier Selection

At Askews and Holts Library Services ltd (AHLS), we recognise the need for flexibility and reliability when it comes to supporting you and your stock selection needs. This is why we have developed a suite of supplier selection options which fully compliment and respond to the evolving position of stock management.

From self managed selection tools to full budget management, AHLS has the solution for both pre-publication and stock revision selections.

  • CASCADE - Our pre-publication selection tool allows the user to individually define stock and budget requirements as closely as branch level, all the while maintaining user ownership and autonomy. These automated selections run per calendar month and offer the flexibility to adapt and re-define as necessary to meet the changing needs of your authority.
  • BACK STOCK SELECTION TOOL – For stock gaps or revisions, this wizard creates lists of available titles from an authority’s uniquely defined criteria. This automated selection tool provides the user with a quick and easy solution to create relevant selections at the point of need, fully controlled and managed by the user.
  • FULLY MANAGED SUPPLIER SELECTION – By using a specification of requirements which captures the user’s needs, an experienced and dedicated selector will make bespoke monthly selections in line with annual publishing trends. All elements are flexible and can be managed to the degree you require whether these be subject specific allocations or branch level budgets.

All of our selection options can be fully complimented by our additional services such as Standing Orders, website collections or one-off stock picks. For more information on any or all of our Supplier Selection solutions, please contact