Askews and Holts Library Services

Shelf Ready Processing

We provide processing solutions to prepare books for immediate receipt and use by libraries, to comply with the latest NAG Servicing Guidelines, whilst also dealing with customer’s bespoke requirements.   

Our book processing team take great pride in working with our libraries to provide the highest quality and most efficient service possible. We employ teams of experienced and highly skilled staff who have a full understanding of library specifications and requirements. 

This experience combined with the automated production of servicing materials enables us to produce work to the highest standard, efficiently and effectively.                                                                                                                                                          

We offer options around the covering of books including – sleeves, wallets, hard or soft lamination and our customers can be assured that only the best quality products are used at all times. Spine labels, Deweys, date labels, etc can also be provided as part of our processing service.

We have RFID solutions for all major RFID providers and are able to fit and programme tags to library requirements, for all material and where customers operate Bibliotheca systems, we are able to offer auto-programming and overprinting of the authority ownership grid onto the tag. 

Wherever possible Askews and Holts Library Services work to industry standards and liaise with libraries to provide cost effective solutions for book and multimedia processing and the provision of a shelf ready service to suit all our library customer needs. 

For further information on our service, please contact: